Tant Kyi Taung Region Special Greening Project

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Tant Kyi Taung Region Special Greening Project

The project site is located about 35 miles (56.33 km) west of the Pakokku township, Pakokku district, Magway region, Tant Kyi Taung Special Greening project area covers 36910 acres (14936.95 ha) and has the peak elevation of 1040 ft (316.99 m) above the sea level. Origional forest type of this project area is tropical dry deciduous forest. Soils are very poor having fine sand, stony soils, compact soils and gravel soils. The tree species naturally grown in the area are Tectona hamiltoniana (Dahat), Terminalia oliveri (Than), Acacia catechu (Sha), Lannea coromandelica (Nabae), Vachellia leucophloea (Htanaung), Capparis flavicans (Saungkyan), Millusa velutina (Tha-pywut-gyi), Holptelea integrifolia (Phyaut-seik), Boscia variabills (Thamone), Sapium baccatum (Gwe), Hiptage benghalensis (L.) Kurz (Swae-ni), Erythrina arborescens (Kathit), Shorea robusta (In-gyin), Prosopis juliflora (Gandayasein) and etc.

Tant Kyi Taung Region special greening project is a 5-year project starting from 2019-2020 to 2023-2024 fiscal year. The project planned to plant 50000 trees per year in the first 4-year of the project and in the last year (the fifth year of the project) will focus on maintenance operations. Along with tree planting, other land restoration/ rehabilitation activities such as conservation remaining natural forests, soil and water conservation and environmental education programs will also be carried out under the project as mentioned in the following table.

Project Title ​Activity Target (Annual)
Tant Kyi Taung region special greening project

(Pakokku Township)

(a)Planting activities

(a.1) Special greening planting

(a.2) Gap planting in forest conservation

(b) Conservation of remaining natural forests

(b.1) Natural regeneration

(c) Education and awaraness raising activity on use of fuelwood substitutes

(c.1) Efficient stoves distribution

(c.2) Pamphlet distribution

(c.2) Sandal wood seedlings distribution for public tree planting

(d) Conservation of soil and water resources

(d.1) Construction of loose stone small check dams

(d.2)  Brushwood small check dam

(d.3) Small pond

(d.4) one-sided closed dam

(e) Construction activities (supportive activities)

(e.1) Construction of plantation camps, stores and presentation halls

(e.2) Construction of nurseries and watering structures (tube wells, concrete and fiber tanks, pipe lines and pumping mechines)


50000 plants

3500 plants

1000 ac

100 ac

12 times


390 stoves


345 seedlings



15 dams


65 dams

5 ponds

10 dam