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Yenanchaung Greening Complex Zone Project

Greening Complex Zone Project has been being implemented between mile post no. (1/7) and no. (8/0) alongside the bypass road of Yenanchang township, Magway District, Magway Region. The project will be implemented for 5-year period from 2019-2020 fiscal year to 2023-2024. The project site is situated inside Yin Ma Chaung protected public forest (2430 acres/ 992.69 ha) and Nat Kan Oo protected public forest (1740 acres/ 704.15 ha). Project area is of poor soil quality and trees are very sparsely growing (almost bare land). Therefore, this project aims to restore the forests and trees on this bare lands and to re-green the roadside reserved forests and thus to be supportive for socio-economic development of the local communities.
The activities to be implemented by the project are as follows:

Project Title ​Activities Quantity (per year)
Yenanchaung Greening Complex Zone Project

(Yenanchaung Township)

(a)     Planting activities

(a-1) Special greening planting

(a-2) Bio Fencing to the supplementary planting plots (Wild Pineapple and Lady of the Night Cactus (Cereus hexagonus(L) Mill)

(a-3) Gap planting in natural forest conservation

(a-4) Planting Hybrid Acacia and Pin-Lai-ka-vie (Casuarina equisetifolia)

(a-5) Planting Vetiver grass

(b) Conservation of Remaining Natural Forests

(b-1) Natural Regeneration

(c) Education and awareness raising activity on use of fuelwood substitutes

(c-1) Distributing efficient stoves

(c-2) Distributing hand outs to the public

(d) Conservation of soil and water resources

(d-1) Loose stone small check dam

(d-2) Brushwood small check dam

(d-3) Small pond

(d-4) One-sided closed dam

(e) Construction (supportive activities)

(e.1) Construction of plantation camps, field staff’s house and presentation halls

(e-2) Construction of fence and road

(e.3) Construction of nurseries and watering structures (tube wells, tanks, pipe lines and pumping mechines)


12000 plants

1000 plants





3500 plants


1000 plants


5000 plants

2000 acres


200 acres

2 times


482 stoves

482 sheets




8 dams

16 dams

2 ponds

1 dam