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Weather and Temperature

The weather in this region is hot and dry. According to the records, it was observed that this region has been affected by drought for ages since 15 million years ago. The central Myanmar dry zone is the area with severe climate and high temperature variations.

The maximum temperature is found to occur during the period from March to April. The mean maximum temperature of the whole dry zone is around 90 ° F (32.2ºC) while the maximum temperature by region may reach up to 110 ° F (43.3ºC). In the winter from November to February, the temperature is lower than any other months. During that period, the temperature by region may reach up to 46 ° F (7.8ºC) with the mean minimum temperature of around 50 ° F (10ºC).

It can be found that the mean temperature difference is around 50˚F (10ºC) and the hottest period of the region is April while the coldest January.